Worthless Check Program

Thank you for your interest in the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office Worthless Check Program. 

This program is intended to assist the victims of worthless checks. For those offenders who are currently charged in a criminal case with the offense of giving a worthless check, please review our Diversion Program guidelines and/or contact an attorney for legal advice or opinions.

Currently, to better assist retailers and commercial recipients of worthless checks from consumers, our office has prepared a packet of information to help the victims of these crimes prosecute the offenders without need for direct involvement of your local law enforcement agency. Please download the attached packet and, after following the instructions contained therein, you may bring all completed documents to my office to review for prosecution. 

If you have any direct or procedural questions concerning the Worthless Check Program, please contact the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office at (785) 863-2251.

Please remember, however, neither the Jefferson County Attorney nor any member of his staff can give you any legal advice as to what you should do in your case or what is in your best interests. As in all criminal cases, you always retain a right to consult with an attorney and, if you have questions of a legal nature about your case and/or the diversion process, you should consult a private attorney before proceeding.

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