Jefferson County Public Works - Road Department has several permits that must be obtained prior to the related activity being conducted within Jefferson County. Below is a list of those permits.

Per Kansas Statute K.S.A. 17-1914, no person shall move a structure of 16 feet in height or more from the surface of the road when loaded without first obtaining a permit.

Entrance Applications - Contact the office at (785) 403-0279 Ext. 1. An entrance application must be obtained prior to installation of any driveway being connected to a Jefferson County Road.'

Right of Way Permit - Required to do work in the road right away.

Other Department Permits are covered under Resolution 2015-003

You can submit your permit by mail or by emailing it to If you have any questions regarding any of the permits listed above please call the office at 785-403-0279 Ext. 1.