Burn Permit Information

How Do I Get A Burn Permit?

  • Fill out and submit a form to your local fire chief.
  • Forms can be obtained from your local fire department.
  • Permits must be signed and approved by the fire chief or his/her designee to be valid
  • Permits are valid for one (1) calendar year after approved by the fire chief.
  • Even if you are granted a permit, all requests for open and controlled burning must go through the Central Call Line.  785-403-0108.
  • You are not required to have permits in each fire district where you have or maintain property. Neighboring districts have agreed to honor the written permits as long as you still call an authorized person in the district in which you want to burn, BEFORE YOU BURN.

Burn Permits In Jefferson County

Uncontrolled and unauthorized open burning may result in unintended destruction of property and may cause unnecessary strain on the resources of the County’s volunteer fire departments. With that in mind Jefferson County adopted Resolution 2019-010 requiring permits for all open burning in the County.

An annual permit can be obtained from the fire chief in your area. A list of fire chiefs and their contact information is maintained on this website. If you are not sure what fire district to call, use the interactive map on this website to determine which district you are in. After an annual permit is obtained, those who wish to burn must still obtain approval before every burn.