Who Gets the Taxes?

There are many entities that can levy taxes.  Some of these districts include:
  • Jefferson County
  • Townships (see map)
  • Fire Districts (see map)
  • School Districts (see map)
  • Library Districts
  • Cemetery Districts
  • Sewer Districts
  • Watershed Districts
Each taxing entity has separate boundaries, so properties are divided into tax units identified by a three-digit code to determine which entities need to receive taxes from which properties.  Jefferson County has over 150 tax units. (see interactive map)

Inside Jefferson County government, tax revenue is split between various departments such as the Sheriff's Office and the Road Department. Here's an example of how your tax dollar was divided in the 2021 budget.   Public Works consists of  road and bridge, building and grounds maintenance, noxious weed control and fleet maintenance.  Public Safety includes the Sheriff, Ambulance, Dispatch and Emergency Management.  Administration includes the Commission, Clerk, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Attorney, Court System, Community Development, GIS, IT, Allocations for various agencies etc. 

divided dollar bill