Pay Taxes

Jefferson County assesses two kinds of direct taxes, real property and personal property, in addition to motor vehicle registration. Taxes are assessed by the Appraiser's Office & collected by the Treasurer's Office.
Jefferson County also adds special assessments to tax statements at the request of some subdivisions.

Payment Options:

  • Send a check to the Jefferson County Treasurer's Office
    • PO Box 458
    • Oskaloosa, KS 66066
  • Stop by the courthouse at 300 Jefferson St. in Oskaloosa
  • Want to save a trip to the courthouse? Pay online!

Notes About Paying Online:

  • Online payments are handled through a third-party vendor.
    • From their homepage, click on the icon that says "Local Payments"
    • State: Kansas
    • Payment Entity: Jefferson County Treasurer
  • Paying online does require an online account