What is Hospice?

Hospice is a concept of care for people with a terminal illness and their families. Hospice allows those facing the challenge of a terminal illness the opportunity to embrace life and treat the dying process as a normal part of living.

Hospice gives people the option to remain in their own home during their illness and to receive physical care, as well as assistance with emotional and spiritual needs. Learn more about hospice.

Who can Hospice Serve?

  • The person with a terminal illness who is not seeking curative treatment.
  • The terminally ill who have a primary care giver willing to assist in the home.
  • The terminally ill whose physician documents that hospice care is indicated.
Hospice of Jefferson County is a certified provider of hospice care. Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances.

What is the Goal of Hospice?

The goal of hospice is to provide comprehensive and caring services to individuals with a terminal illness and to their families.

Why Select Hospice of Jefferson County for Your Hospice Needs?

The medical professionals of Hospice of Jefferson County are a part of the community. The hospice team consists of:
  • Physicians that assure quality directed medical care
  • Hospice RNs and LPNs that respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to urgent needs and concerns from hospice clients
    • After-hours calls are returned promptly when needed staff will be at the home within 30 minutes
  • Chaplains are available to serve the spiritual needs of our clients and their families
  • A master level, licensed social worker that specializes in grief support and assisting families with resources needed to care for their loved ones
  • Home health aides that will assist clients with their personal care when needed
  • Wonderful volunteers are available to assist clients and families in a variety of ways
Hospice of Jefferson County holds a bi-monthly interdisciplinary team meeting to discuss current hospice client needs and progress towards goals. Clients and client’s families are considered a part of the team and are encouraged to attend.

It is a privilege to serve the needs of fellow neighbors, family and friends in Jefferson County. Service commitment is reflected in the quality of hospice services delivered to clients in the settings in which clients live throughout our county.