Employment Information

Jefferson County employs approximately 205 (full time and part time) employees and is one of the major employers in the county. County employees are paid biweekly.

We have a competitive benefits package with vacation and sick leave accrual from the date of hire. Health insurance is also provided with minimal contributions required from employees. The county sponsors various voluntary benefit plans for employees such as vision care, life insurance, disability insurance, cancer and accident insurance, and deferred compensation programs.

County Clerk's Office Payroll Responsibilities

The payroll for Jefferson County is handled by the County Clerk’s Office. There are two employees dedicated to payroll and human resource management. They receive and input all time worked for county employees and also manage the benefits and other human resource related issues in addition to other job duties.

Payroll Statistics

  • Total payroll in 2018 - $7,644,145
  • Total cost for health and dental insurance in 2018 - $2,050,839 (total premium)
  • Total number of employees as of 12/31/18 - 195

More Information

For more information, please contact the County Clerk's Office at (785) 403-0000 Opt 6.