Open Records Info

Open Records Act

The County Counselor has been designated as the Freedom of Information Officer for Jefferson County by County Resolution 2013-003. An informational brochure is available at the County Clerk's office regarding access to public records.

The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) guarantees any person the right to inspect and obtain copies of all public records, unless the records are closed consistent with specific provisions of law. Within three business days, a county agency must either:

  • Provide requested records
  • Inform the requester when they will be provided
  • State why the records cannot be provided

An agency is only required to provide public records that already exist. KORA does not require an agency to create a record upon request. KORA does not require an agency to interpret or analyze records, or to prepare custom reports.

Non-County Agencies

District court offices are not part of the county government, though they are located within the courthouse. For district court records, contact District Court administration at (785) 863-2461.

Find Out More

If requested, any agency will provide a copy of its open records request procedures. If you want to learn more about KORA, about how to obtain Jefferson County public records, or if you have a problem obtaining records from any Jefferson County agency, contact Jefferson County's Freedom of Information Office at (785) 863-2251. You may also email the Freedom of Information Officer any questions that do not relate to a specific records request.

If you feel any agency has wrongfully denied access to records, you have the right to file a complaint with the County Attorney or with the Kansas Attorney General.

For an overview of the Kansas Open Records Act, see A Citizen's Guide to Open Government, a publication of the Kansas Attorney General's Office.