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Parents Looking for Child Care

Where do parents start finding quality childcare providers or facilities?

First, parents may contact Child Care Aware at (785) 357-5171 for a list of child care facilities or at:

Second, parents may contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) for a compliance history of a home or center.  This can be done by:
  1. Sending a written request to:  KDHE, Bureau of Child Care and Health Facilities, 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 200, Topeka, KS  66612-1274
  2. Go online to:

What things should parents pay attention to or look for when interviewing?

"Quality Child Care" is when a provider or facility is following the regulations, going above and beyond the requirements, has a safe, clean, positive, and healthy environment for the children in care, and all staff interact well with the children.

First:  Parents should look for a posted license issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.  Licenses will not transfer from one address to another.

Second:  Parents should look for any health and safety issues.  Some issues might include diaper changing procedures, hand washing procedures, enough clean/safe areas for children, safe indoor and outdoor equipment, and hazardous items should be stored properly, etc.  Look and listen for a "child friendly" facility.

* Smoking is not allowed in the home or facility during hours of operation.

Note:  All children are required to have outdoor playtime (weather permitting), including infants.

Third:  Parents should watch and listen to how providers/staff talk to and interact with the children.  This gives the parent an opportunity to see how the care will be provided for their children.

Fourth:  Parents should ask many questions of their provider/staff.  What are the facility's procedure for emergencies, care for sick children, illnesses, etc.?

Fifth:  If a provider asks you to sign a contract, which many do, completely read it and understand each aspect of it before signing.  Please note that signing the contract binds you to the requirements stated therein.  It is a legal document.  Always ask questions if you need clarification and request a copy of the signed contract for your records.

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