Jeff Co KS Alerts

Sign up for Everbridge Jeff Co KS Alerts emergency notifications.

Jefferson County keeps residents and businesses informed of emergencies and other time sensitive information through Jeff Co KS Alerts, a high speed emergency notification solution provided by Everbridge. The Jefferson County Emergency Management Department and other County Departments use Jeff Co KS Alerts to quickly and effectively keep the community informed of time sensitive information that may impact Jefferson County or specific neighborhoods.

Jefferson County will use the Jeff Co KS Alerts system to keep you informed of emergency information that may impact your safety by sending you telephone calls, text messages and emails. Messages may regard evacuations, police activity, missing children, boil water notices or other information that you are asked to take immediate action or precautions for. Make sure to tell family, friends and coworkers who live in or visit Jefferson County about this free service and encourage them to enroll.

Please note: If you are unsure of whether your contact information is in the Jefferson County KS Alerts emergency database or you have recently changed your telephone number it is important to visit the enrollment page above to add or update your information.

Do not assume you are automatically enrolled to receive notifications.