The date for the post election audit will be Thursday November 5th beginning at 9:00 a.m. The audit will be held at the IT Training Room at 503 Delaware in Oskaloosa. 

Early Voting Begins on October 14th at the Jefferson County Courthouse located at 300 Jefferson St., Oskaloosa and ends November 2 at noon.  Courthouse  Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



Click here for pdf list of candidates and polling places

Notice of Places and Dates of Registration

Notice of Question-City of Perry Sales Tax

Notice of Public Test of Voting Machines



Voting and Elections-Who, What, When, Where, Why 

THE WHO -  is you. 

* If you are or will be 18 by Election Day

* If you are a resident of Jefferson County

THE WHAT - Voter Registration and Voter Registration Accuracy

* You must be a registered voter for your vote to count

* Address on your Voter Registration MUST be correct.  If the address you give the Poll Worker when you go to vote does not match what the Election Office has on file for you , you will be required to vote a Provisional Ballot.

THE WHEN - can be time sensitive

* If you have moved you will need to re-register

* If you have changed your name

* If you want to change party affiliation

* There is a Voter Registration deadline (20 days) before all elections.

THE WHERE -  Multiple locations and methods of registration are available

* Voter Registration Applications are available:

* In the County Clerk’s Office

* On the Secretary of State’s website www.sos.kansas.gov

* On the County’s  website jfcountyks.com


THE WHY -  It’s your right and your responsibility


* Primary Elections are held to reduce the field of Republican and Democrat Candidates for the General Election .  In order to vote in a Primary Election you must be either a registered Republican or Democrat.  If you are  registered as “Unaffiliated” you will be required to declare a party at the poll.  Once you do this your voter registration will change according to your declaration.  If you want it to go back to “unaffiliated” you will need to re-register.  If you are a registered Libertarian, you will not vote in the Primary.

* Advance Voting is an option you might want to consider.  There is an application to complete for this option.  Contact the County Election Office @ 785-403-0328 for more information.

* Permanent Advance  voting is available if medical conditions are an issue.  There is an application to complete for this option as well.  Contact the County Election Office @ 785-403-0328 for more information.

* Early Voting is available  in the County Clerks’ office.  As a rule of thumb, Early Voting opens 20 days prior to election day and closes at noon the day prior to the election.

* Provisional Ballots are NOT a bad thing.  The information  you provide on the Ballot Envelopes enable us to update your voter registration.