Wastewater Permits

Obtaining a Wastewater Permit

  1. Bring a copy of applicable Zoning Building permit to the Jefferson County Health Department at 1212 Walnut - U.S. Highway 59 in Oskaloosa, along with a “pre-site drawing” showing the location of structures on the property, desired placement of the waste water system, and all private active or abandoned water wells.

  2. Complete the Permit Application form and pay the current permit fee at the Health Department.

  3. Schedule an appointment for the Jefferson County Environmental Specialist (ES) to complete a site visit to confirm appropriate placement of the waste water system.

  4. Have a Jefferson County licensed installer install the waste water system.

  5. Notify the Health Department when the system has been laid in the ground, and prior to covering the system.

  6. Following the final inspection and approval of the ES, cover the system.

  7. Assure the installer submits the “As Built” drawing of the system to the Health Department.

  8. The permit is then issued to the owner, with a copy to Jefferson County Planning and Zoning.