Additional Recording Requirements

More Information

Below are additional recording requirements for certain documents. For more information, please contact the Register of Deeds Office at (785) 403-0000 Ext 5. 


  • Name and marital status of grantor
  • Name of grantee
  • Generally when recording a deed or an affidavit of equitable interest, a Kansas Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire is required
  • If the transaction is not a sale, then the applicable exemption must be stated on the document being recorded, and the name and address for tax statements included


  • Mortgage registration tax and Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavits are no longer required in our office.  The statute was repealed 1/1/2019.
  • A Modification of Mortgage must reference the book and page or document number of the mortgage being modified. 
  • If applicable, include a completed Mortgage Cap Affidavit (charged as an additional page) 

Mortgage Releases & Assignments

  • Referenced book and page number or document number must be correct
  • Prior to 2009 the referenced number will be a book and page number; as of 2009 the referenced number will be a document number

Death Certificates

Court Records

  • Must be original or a court-certified copy